Mega Dryers

9018 W 21st St N
Suite 200, PMB 167
Wichita, KS 67205

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Company Profile

In the years 1996/97 a new chapter in the company began with the development of a new system of grain dryers that came out from the experience acquired during the work in a local factory along with the design and application of reforms in the combustion systems making them from diesel to gas, which optimized the efficiency of different brand equipment and drying systems.

In December 1997, the first MEGA dryer was installed at the Nidera company's storage facility in Bayauca town, District of Lincoln.

In the period 2000/2001 the factory was located in the Industrial Park of Lincoln, Buenos Aires Province.

Since 2003 Ingeniería Mega works in the area of Renewable Energies, designing and manufacturing equipment for burning of biomass. They can be used for different operations using agricultural or industrial wastes, such as rice husks, wood chips, corn cobs, etc. as fuel.