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K-State University Receives $300,00 NIFA Grant to Conduct Gene-Editing Project on Wheat Varieties Read more

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Research Team Receives Three-Year Grant From USDA to Develop Higher-Yielding Hybrid Wheat Lines Read more

Kansas Wheat CEO Justin Gilpin Shares Wheat Quality Data in South Asian Seminars Read more

USDA Invests Nearly $1 Million to Further Develop Hybrid Wheat Breeding Read more

National Institute of Food and Agriculture Awards $975,000 to K-State University For Research to Implement UAVs to Improve Wheat Breeding Read more

USDA NASS Reports KS Wheat Conditions Varying Amid Dry Weather Read more

Winter Wheat Crops Conditions Decline in KS, OK, CO, and NE Read more

KS Farmers Hope For Improved Wheat and Beef Markets in 2017 Read more

TX Winter Wheat Farmers Face Challenges For Successful Spring Crop Read more

U.S. Wheat Associates Data Shows U.S. Sales of Red Spring Wheat to Canada Up From 2015 Read more

U.S. Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative Appoints Doyle Lentz as Co-Chairman Read more

U.S. Wheat Farmers Concerned About Failing Market Hedges Amid Falling Incomes Read more

WA State Department of Agriculture Officials Confident in Wheat Quality Testing Procedures Following Claims of Flawed Tests Read more


Washington Grain Commission Meets With USDA Officials to Discuss Falling Number Problems in Wheat Read more

Wheat Condition Across NM Regions Declining Rapidly Amid Warm Temperatures Read more

AZ Research Study Shows Durum Wheat Grows More Efficiently Under Sprinkler Irrigation Read more

UC Davis Plant Geneticist Uses New Technology to Identify Wheat Genes That Impact Yield Read more

Canada's New Crop Missions Reports Supply of Milling Durum Helps Buyers But Limits Market Price Read more

Texas A&M AgriLife Research and University of Nebraska-Lincoln Receive Grant to Continue Developing Hybrid Wheat Varieties Read more

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Agronomist Says Management of Winter Wheat Critical to Spring Grain Production Read more

National Association of Wheat Growers and U.S. Wheat Associates Commend Actions Challenging Chinese Government Policies Read more

Northern Ag Expo in Fargo, ND Showcases North Dakota State University Spring Wheat Breeding Program Read more

Oxford University Researchers Create New Chemical That May Increase Wheat Yeilds Read more

Farm Business Survey Shows More Than 90% of England's Farmers Did Not Profit From 2015 Winter Wheat Crop Read more

UK Feed Wheat Sees First Annual Average Price Increase Since 2012 Read more

European Union Soft Wheat Exports Reach 11.9 Million Tons; Stable From 2015 Read more


EU Wheat Futures Rise Amid Soaring U.S. Wheat Markets Read more

French Wheat Crop Set to Comeback in 2017 After Smallest Harvest Since 1993 Read more

Ukraine Milling Wheat Export Prices Continue Upward Trend Read more

Ukraine's November 2016 Wheat Imports to EU Decreased From November 2015 Read more

Russia's November 2016 Wheat Exports Up 46% From November 2015 Read more

Russia Increases Wheat Exports to North African Countries Following Wheat Harvest Decline in France Read more

Russian Wheat Prices Remain Stable Amid Strong Rouble Read more

Madhya Pradesh, India Farmers Forecast Bumper Wheat Yields Following Record Planting Read more

Farmers' Union in Northern India Urges Government to Reinstate Wheat Import Duty Read more

India Wheat Stocks Forecast to Fall to 10-Year Low Read more

India Wheat Growers Concerned About Sustained Above-Normal Temperatures Read more

India Farmers to Increase Wheat Planting Due to Higher Likelihood of Wheat Imports Read more

Food Corporation of India Changes Grain Stocks Standards to Sell More Wheat Read more


Interfax Reports India as Largest Importer of Ukrainian Wheat Since Early 2016/17 Year Read more

India's Wheat Purchases May Reach Decade High After 10% Import Duty Removed Read more

Pakistan Farmers Concerned Over Drought Impact on Wheat Crop Read more

Iran Now Self-Sufficient in Wheat Production Read more

Iran Mercantile Exchange Lists Wheat Exports For First Time Read more

Argentina Continues to Increase Wheat Harvest Forecast Read more

Argentina's 2016/17 Wheat Output Forecast to Significantly Rise Amid Increased Pesticide and Fertilizer Investment Read more

Uzbekistan Exports 100,000 Tons of Wheat to Afghanistan Over Next Three Months Read more

Central Bank of Nigeria Reports Country's Wheat and Rice Import Bill Exceptionally High Read more

Egypt Supply Minister Reports Strategic Wheat Reserves to Last Until April 2017 Read more

Egypt Purchases 360 KMT of Milling Wheat From Russia, Argentina, and Romania Via Tender Read more

Egypt Haggles Over Wheat Deals Amid Global Surplus Read more


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