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GEAPS/Kansas State University to Offer Hour-Long Crash Courses

The Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) and Kansas State University have teamed up to offer Crash Courses – hour-long lectures on a variety off topics available on-demand. These courses are designed to supplement a company’s existing training programs.

Courses fall into three categories:

  • Introduction to the Industry.
  • Grain Quality Management.
  • Pest Management.

According to GEAPS International President Jeff Jones, MKC, Crash Courses are the first step toward the association making training programs more accessible to the grain industry.

“With all the challenges facing the industry this year, we prioritized getting resources into the hands of our members and the industry at-large as easily as possible.

“Crash Courses are just the first step,” says Jones. “We are working on different types of on-demand programming and custom training that travel directly to our members’ facilities.”

Weston Carlisle, production manager, Ardent Mills, was one of the first in the industry to take advantage. He signed up for seven introductory courses as his first formal grain training. Most of what he knows about the industry he learned from his coworkers or was self-taught, and he was pleased to see many of Ardent Mills’ core values reflected in the lessons.

“We stress safety very highly at Ardent Mills,” says Carlisle, “and I see the same principles being taught in these classes.

“I think entry-level supervisors new to the industry and new elevator employees would benefit from a lot of these courses,” he adds.

More info. Crash Courses are available on-demand for $99 for GEAPS members and $135 for non-members. For more info, go to geaps.com/crash.

Crash Course Programs

Introduction to the Industry

  • Binning Procedures
  • Facility Safety
  • Fumigation Purposes and Procedures
  • Fundamentals of Grain Storage and Drying
  • Grain Dust Explosion

Prevention and Housekeeping

  • Grain Sampling and Testing Operations and Procedures
  • Grain Shipping
  • Inbound Grain Receiving


  • Maintenance and Recordkeeping Programs

Grain Quality Management

  • Grain Quality Properties
  • S.L.A.M.-Based Quality Management of Stored Grains and Oilseeds

Management of Stored Grains and Oilseeds

• Storability and Deterioration of Grains and Oilseeds

Pest Management

  • Identification of Insect Pests and Vertebrates
  • Preventive Control of Pests

Reprinted in November/December Grain Journal 2020

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