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February 12, 2020
Delivered on the second and fourth Wednesday each month by Grainnet Safety

Grain Talk Podcast: Nationwide Insurance Awards Rescue Tubes, Training as Part of Grain Bin Safety Week (11:03)


Grain Bin Safety Week Preview 2/10 Read more


Stand Up For Grain Safety Week 2/10 Read more


NDSU Agricultural Engineer Ken Hellevang Warns Difficult Harvest Creates Grain Storage Hazards 2/12 Read more


Upcoming AgriSphere Webinar: How Efficient Operations Affect Employee Safety ... Presented by Jim Voigt, Feb. 19 at 10 am. CT 2/05 Read more


Upcoming GEAPS Webinar: Are You Doing Enough to Reduce Injuries From Belt Conveyors? ... Presented by Jerad Heitzler, Feb. 20 at 10 a.m. CT 2/06 Read more


Webinar Recording: Lunch Box Safety Talk on Employee On-Boarding ... Presented by Joe Mlynek (Feb. 11 - 52 min.) 2/11 Read more


NGFA Video: Bin Entry Safety (4:33) 2/11 Read more


Jerad Heitzler

NGFA Video: The Connection Between Grain Quality and Safety (6:23) 2/05 Read more



Man Rescued From Grain Bin Entrapment in Minooka, IL 1/24 Read more


Man Dies in Grain Bin Engulfment in Morrisonville, IL 2/11 Read more


Man Dies in Grain Bin Engulfment in St. Martin Township, MN 1/29 Read more


MN Man's Grain Bin Death is Third This Year 1/31 Read more


Man Dies in Industrial Accident at ADM Milling Facility in Greenport, NY 1/29 Read more


Investigation Underway at ADM Milling Facility in Hudson, NY Following Employee's Death 1/31 Read more


Man Dies After Grain Trailer Door Falls on Him in Cork, Ireland 1/23 Read more


Grain Industry Experts Concerned About Increased Grain Bin Entrapments in 2020 2/10 Read more


Wet Harvest in 2019 May Increase Grain Bin Entrapment Risk For Farmers 1/31 Read more


Grain Dryer Fire Reported at Farmers Grain and Feed in Addison, WI 2/05 Read more


Fire Department Responds to Call at Columbia Grain at Port of Wilma (WA) 1/28 Read more


Smoldering Fire Reported at Sanderson Farms Feed Mill in Adel, GA 2/11 Read more


Grain Dryer Fire Reported at Pioneer Grain in Melfort, Saskatchewan (Canada) 1/23 Read more


Dryer Fire Reported at Border Ag & Energy in Bottineau, ND 1/28 Read more


Grain Dryer Catches Fire at Colson Farms Near Blunt, SD 1/31 Read more


Firefighters Who Rescued Three From Grain Bin Entrapment in Sheboygan, WI Nominated as Hometown Heroes 1/24 Read more


GEAPS to Hold SILO Screening and Grain Entrapment Training Sessions at Exchange 2020 2/12 Read more


SILO Movie Encourages Farmers Take Precautions Around Grain Bins 1/27 Read more


OSHA Webpage Can Help Mitigate Grain Handling Risks 2/12 Read more

Safety Quip

OSHA Launches New Webpage to Observe 50th Anniversary of The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 2/10 Read more


MN Farmers Urged to Practice Safety Working In and Around Grain Bins 2/11 Read more


Lake Township, IN Fire Department to Hold Grain Bin Rescue Awareness Program ... March 10 2/07 Read more


Wind May Have Been Factor in Overturned Grain Truck in Lenoir County, NC 2/07 Read more


Cargill Donates Grain Bin Rescue Equipment to Lewisburg, OH Fire & EMS Department 2/06 Read more


Grain Bin Rescue Demonstration Featured at 2020 Northern Corn and Soybean Expo in Fargo, ND 2/05 Read more


Jan./Feb. 2020 Grain Journal

Second Party Admits to Negligent Violation of Clean Air Act in 2016 at Midwest Grain Products in Atchison, KS 2/04 Read more


EPA Reaches Settlement With Frontier Ag Inc. For Alleged Clean Air Act Violations in KS 1/28 Read more


Topeka, KS Volunteer Fire Department Receives Grant to Purchase Grain Bin Rescue Equipment 2/04 Read more


Grantsburg, WI Fire Department Receives Grain Bin Rescue Equipment 1/31 Read more


Sheyenne Valley, ND Technical Rescue Team Receives Grain Bin Rescue Training 1/29 Read more



Mid-Plains Community College (NE) to Offer Grain Bin Safety Training 18-County Service Area 2/03 Read more


Delaware Farm Bureau to Hold Fourth Annual Ag Safety Conference on March 18 2/11 Read more


Custer County, NE Corn Growers Banquet Centers Around Grain Bin Safety and Avoiding Entrapment 1/30 Read more


NE Farmer's Approach to Grain Bin Safety Starts With Planning Next Season's Crop 2/07 Read more


Safety Tip of The Week ... OSHA 300 Recordkeeeping Forms ... 1/27/20 1/27 Read more


Safety Tip of The Week ... Electronic Submission of OSHA Injury and Illness Records ... 2/10/20 2/10 Read more


Safety Tip of The Week ... Avoid Dust Explosions With Intrinsically Safe Two-Way Radios ... 2/3/20 2/03 Read more


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