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July 20, 2020
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Preparing For and Responding to Heat-Related Emergencies

Employers should confirm that worksite emergency procedures include sufficient information to address hot weather emergencies.

• Have a plan in case workers experience heat-related illness.

• Make sure medical services are available and that workers know what to do if a fellow worker has signs and symptoms of heat-related illness.

• Be prepared to provide first aid for any heat-related illness and call emergency services (i.e., call 911) if a worker shows signs and symptoms of heat stroke.

• Be able to provide clear and precise directions to the worksite.

• Immediately respond to symptoms of possible heat-related illness - move the worker into the shade, loosen the clothing, wet and fan the skin, place ice-packs in the armpits and on the neck. Give the worker something to drink. Call emergency services if the worker loses consciousness or appears confused or uncoordinated. Have someone stay with an ill worker.

• Ensure that emergency procedures are used whenever appropriate.

• Develop a plan to reschedule or terminate work in conditions become too risky.

• If workers report or supervisors observe signs or symptoms of heat-related illness, stop activity immediately.

• Take action while waiting for help.

HEAT STROKE IS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY. CALL 911 immediately if a worker shows any signs of heat stroke.


Source: OSHA - Preparing for and Responding to Heat-Related Emergencies



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