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November 11, 2020
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NGFA Harvest Safety Week 2020 Resources


Three Killed in COFCO Grains Crushing Plant Accident in Argentina; Operations Halted 11/11 Read more


Rural Xenia, IL Man Dies After Fall From Grain Bin on Farm 11/10 Read more


Woman Injured After Falling 40 Feet Into Empty Grain Silo in Anderson County, CO 11/05 Read more


Iowa State University Extension Provides Tips to Protect Your Lungs From Grain Dust 10/29 Read more


Grain Elevator Destroyed by Fire in Torquay, Saskatchewan (Canada) 11/05 Read more


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Safety Quip

Understand and Manage Stored Grain Fire Response - Part 1 9/28 Read more


Salvaging Grain, Coordinating With Fire Department in a Stored Grain Fire Response - Part 2 10/15 Read more


Safe Grain Unloading: Plugs, Clumping, and Hangups Are Major Causes of Engulfment 5/29 Read more


CONVEY '20: Two NFPA Standards Cover Combustible Dust Safety Practices 10/15 Read more


CONVEY '20: How Using Leading Indicators Improves Workplace Safety 10/20 Read more



High-Visibility Clothing: A Necessary Safety Item That Also Sends a Message to Customers 2/20 Read more


Machine Guard Makeover: A Sound Guarding and Lockout/Tagout Program Helps Control Hazards 10/20 Read more


Safety Survey: Best Training Ideas Use Employee Input, Ideas to Keep Instruction Interesting, Relevant 10/13 Read more


Unbreakable Tenets: Communication, Training, Partnerships Develop Enduring Safety Culture 10/13 Read more


Safety Tip of the Week: Confined Space Entry - Ventilation ... 11/9/20 11/11 Read more


Safety Tip of the Week: Electrical Safety: "The Freezing Effect" ... 11/2/20 11/03 Read more



Safety Made Simple to Release New Online Safety Courses in 2021 11/02 Read more


OSHA Quick Takes: COVID-19 Resources, Enforcement Actions 10/23 Read more


Webinar Recording: Lunch Box Safety Talk on Contractor Safety ... Presented by Joe Mlynek (Nov. 3 - 52 min.) 11/03 Read more


Conn Maciel Carey COVID-19 Update: CDC Revises 15-Minute "Close Contact" Definition to Cover Cumulative 24-Hour Period 10/22 Read more


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