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Calbrandt’s products automate the moving and spotting of railcars, and the opening and closing of railcar hopper gates, no matter how large the unit train.

The company has seven different designs of railcar movers, all of which are manufactured at its Delano 40,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing facility. “We always are looking to develop new railcar mover designs,” says President Jim Steen. “The latest design is an axle railcar mover, which can push on both axles of the railcar. It can provide 150,000 pounds of force and push a string of more than 100 railcars on straight and level track.”

Railcar gate openers are available in manual and portable units, with medium- or heavy-duty versions. Gates can be opened locally, remotely, or automatically with the vision guided system. “Electronic speed sensors keep the operation moving smoothly,” says Steen, “and the most advanced gate opening system can unload a string of about 110 railcars in three hours.”

Conveyor lift frames are designed to lift conveyors up to 32,000 pounds at a speed of 10 feet per minute. “They feature pushbutton operation with hydraulic locking pins for raised positions and limit switches to ensure locking pins are engaged,” he explains. Lift frames operate at a 7-foot vertical stroke.

“For all our equipment, machine design is not static, but is examined continuously for ways to make it better,” adds Steen. “We trust our equipment to last over time. We will never leave a customer hanging.”

Larry Stalcup, contributing writer

Reprinted in March/April Grain Journal 2021


  • Axle Railcar Mover
  • High Dog Railcar Mover
  • Calbrandt Low Dog Indexer Mover
  • Calbrandt Coupler Arm Indexer Mover
  • Calbrandt Conveyor Lift
  • Calbrandt Automated Vision Guided Gate Opener

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