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AGI Hi Roller Immediate Discharge Plow Efficiently Distributes Product Along Belt

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Plow is best suited for filling long, flat storage buildings

This article is taken from the July/August GRAIN JOURNAL

AGI Hi Roller has been manufacturing a line of enclosed, dust-tight, and self-reloading conveyors since 1978.

One of Hi Roller’s enclosed belt conveyor accessories is the moveable intermediate discharge plow, introduced 30 years ago, to efficiently distribute product along the length of a belt conveyor.

According to Sales and Marketing Manager Mike Spillum, “The moveable discharge plow enables discharge for the full length of the conveyor, and it’s very well-suited for filling long, flat storage buildings. The totally enclosed bottom prevents cross-contamination if multiple commodities are stored in the same facility.”

Five Plow Blades

“Flat storage buildings up to hundreds of feet in length that hold millions of bushels of grain have become very popular for storing product,” says Spillum. “We incorporate up to five plow blades set at various levels to get a more positive discharge of product, as well as to keep dust and fines off the belt.”

Product Features

  • Multiple independently adjustable V-plows include plows lined for abrasion resistance, rubber, and brush wiper blades.
  • Stationary winch eliminates the need for a festoon power cable to travel with plow assembly.
  • Guide idler keeps conveyor belt centered as it passes through the plow.
  • Capacities range from 1,000 to 60,000 bph.

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