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Product Review ... Donaldson Company; Torit Rugged Pleat Baghouse Industrial Dust Collector in Bloomington,MN

Donaldson Company, Inc. • 800-365-1331

Donaldson Company, Inc. • Bloomington, MN • 800-365-1331 •

Donaldson Company, Inc. in late October introduced its Donaldson Torit® Rugged Pleat (RP) baghouse dust collector, which is designed to capture heavy and abrasive dust inherent to grain processing, woodworking, mining, and other industries.

According to Joe Kiolbasa, product manager-industrial air filtration, “The new RP baghouse collector features Donaldson’s SuperSep™ inlet which pre-separates up to 97% of the dust before it hits the filters, and the PerfectPulse™ cleaning system focuses cleaning energy directly over the filters, supporting long life.”

Ultra-Web® Spunbound Filters

With its new Ultra-Web Spunbond filters, explains Kiolbasa, “The collector is capable of providing up to 94% fewer emissions as compared to baghouses equipped with standard 16-oz. singed polyester bags, which makes it ideal for heavily regulated industries and operations that recirculate conditioned air in their facilities.

“This new technology will help facility managers tackle air quality and occupational health and safety issues, while providing a lower total cost of ownership over the life of the collector.”


• Utilizes 44% fewer filters than traditional baghouse collectors, resulting in a 72% reduction in change-out times.

• iCue™ connected filtration monitoring service allows customers to remotely monitor, manage, and optimize the operation of the dust collector.

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