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Bin Unload System Reduces Blockages, Keeps Grain Flowing

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Block Buster auger increases safety

In early 2018, Superior Grain Equipment introduced the Block Buster® auger as part of the company’s premium unload systems.

According to Design Engineer Jory Skalsky, “The patented Block Buster is a specially-designed auger that’s positioned over a tank’s center gate to reduce blockages and keep grain flowing.

“A reversing gearbox and centrifugal clutch system allow the Block Buster to spin freely on its own in one direction and drive the sweep auger and wheel in the other direction,” he explains.

Improves Safety

“Block Buster is part of the sweep system and can be operated from outside the bin, so it improves safety by eliminating the need to enter the bin to clear blockages,” adds Skalsky. “It also improves efficiency by preventing blockages and allows fast, efficient unloading.”

From March/April 2019 GRAIN JOURNAL

Product Features

  • Spikes help break up and grind up blockages.
  • Can be operated from outside the bin, eliminating the need to enter the bin, thereby improving safety.
  • Available for use in 18- to 48-foot tank sizes.
  • Works on all Superior Grain 11-inch and 13-inch premium unload systems.

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