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BinTrac Bin Weighing System

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Since being introduced in 2008, the BinTrac system has been installed on thousands of bins across North America and beyond, primarily at farms for weighing livestock feed.

According to Business Development Manager Larry Behrens, “The patented A-frame bracket and load cell assembly are unique in the industry and do a great job of resisting the negative effects of environmental conditions, including dirt, debris, moisture, and lightning.

“Our bin monitoring systems are designed and built in-house by weighing industry experts,” says Behrens, “which has helped grow our reputation for accuracy and reliability. BinTrac helps users and the feed mill coordinate better on scheduling deliveries and helps ensure the animals don’t run out of feed.”

Simple Installation

“The BinTrac bin weighing system is easy to install by simply turning the integrated jack bolt to raise the bin legs off the pad by about 1/2 inch,” he explains.

“This eliminates the need for lifting equipment and readjusting everything, including feed lines. It’s also easy to connect BinTrac with most third-party barn/house control systems using our own HouseLink interface devices or send data to the cloud for remote monitoring with our cellular or internet gateway.”


• Accurate, reliable, weight-based data, including previous 24-hour feed usage and fill event information.

• Several connectivity options.

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