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Wheat Cleaner Offers Increased Productivity and Utilization

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240 SuperFlow allows shippers to efficiently manage product

For 52 years, BM&M Screening Solutions has manufactured high-speed, high-capacity gyratory screens. In 2013, the company introduced the 240 SuperFlow wheat cleaner, which is designed to offer increased productivity and utilization compared to traditional wheat cleaners.

According to North American Sales Manager Kent Mellen, “By using specific screens, we’re able to divert a small amount of material for roughage cleaning at the rate of 240 metric tons per hour (mtph). This greatly reduces the amount of indent cylinders required to meet Canadian export performance specifications.”

Improved Efficiency

“Traditional wheat cleaning systems use much more rotating equipment and provide lower capacity (160 mtph),” explains Mellen. “The 240 SuperFlow allows export shippers to more efficiently manage their inventory with fewer operational hours required to fill a shuttle train. The cost of ownership is greatly reduced by requiring less machinery.”

Reprinted from GRAIN JOURNAL May/June 2020 Issue

Product Features

  • Designed to handle high-volume throughput and places wheat into export specification with much less equipment.
  • Customers who have restrictions on handling the 240-mtph capacity can install smaller screeners to meet their needs.
  • Provides higher capacity and lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional 100% cylinder cleaning systems.
  • The 240 SuperFlow can handle some upset conditions if regulated properly.

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