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Ceramic Backed Elbow Reduces Downtime, Increases Productivity

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Tandem Products Rhino Hyde Cerathane elbows are highly abrasion resistant

Used in dust collection systems and pneumatic conveying lines, Tandem Products’ Rhino Hyde® Cerathane® ceramic-backed elbows are highly abrasion resistant to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

“We extend the life of metal tubes by welding a metal shell onto the tube before packing it with Cerathane ceramic material,” says Territory Sales Manager Joe Ademino.

“The Cerathane ceramic is concentrated along the most severe wear surface, the outer radius of the bend,” he explains.

“Our customers appreciate how we significantly extend the life of their elbows.”

“Some operators have tried applying concrete to the outside bend of a tube, but this doesn’t last as long as the Cerathane, and the concrete adds significant weight to the elbow,” he adds.

From September/October 2016 GRAIN JOURNAL

Product Features

  • Seamless Cerathane ceramic construction and double back elbow wall.
  • Continuous abrasion-resistant surface eliminates worries about losing individual ceramic tiles during operation and downtime incurred while fabricating and installing individual tiles.
  • Outer cavity filled with Cerathane ceramic to improve wear resistance and increase elbow life.
  • Elbows are supplied with tangents at both ends to facilitate attachments to the existing pipe system using a flange or a coupler.

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