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Safe-Grain RadarTrack™ Continuous Level Monitoring System Provides Real Time Fill-Level Information

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RadarTrack uses narrow, 4-degree, 78-GHz beam to achieve greater accuracy

Since 1954, Safe-Grain, Inc. has provided aeration, temperature detection, and dust control equipment to the grain and feed industry. In January, Safe-Grain introduced the RadarTrack™ continuous level monitoring system, which provides real-time fill level information in concrete silos or steel bins.

According to President Scott Chant, “RadarTrack integrates with our existing SafeTrack™ wireless temperature system and uses the same software, power supply, and radio system to provide significant installation cost savings. RadarTrack uses a narrow, 4-degree, 78-GHz beam to achieve greater accuracy and is not influenced by fixed obstructions or suspended dust.”

“RadarTrack continuously updates grain level information without dependency upon the mechanical cycle time of a yoyo or plumb bob system,” adds Chant. “This allows operators to save time and have reliable information they need to operate more safely. RadarTrack provides a faster way to gauge grain level inventory and avoid overfilling bins and silos.”

From January/February 2017 GRAIN JOURNAL

Product Features

  • No moving parts for increased reliability.
  • Accurate, real-time reading improves safety by eliminating the need for personnel to go onto silo or bin roofs to monitor fill.
  • The wireless system reduces installation costs and eliminates conduit and wiring.
  • Selected for the GEAPS Exchange 2017 “What’s New” program.

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