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Model BSD Conveyor Belt Speed Detector

Reprinted from Grain Journal January/February 2018 Issue

In December 2017, Conveyor Components Co. introduced the Model BSD conveyor belt speed sensor, which is designed to shut down rotating equipment before any damage occurs to conveyor belting.

According to Sales Manager Rich Washkevich, the “Model BSD is a traction-action style unit that uses the motion of the conveyor belt to drive the sensor’s wheel.

“It is a versatile, standalone device that can display readings on our readout or controllers, or they can run the output directly into a PLC, DCS or their own controller,” he explains.

Model BSD Conveyor Belt Speed Detector Features

  • Mounts easily on a cross brace/cross bar or existing idler.
  • Requires no calibration and is designed to work on most conveyor speeds.
  • Models available with two- or three-wire inductive sensors.
  • Sensors can be used in outdoor environments.
  • Output to readouts, controllers, PLCs or DCSs.

Easy Installation

“There is no need to drill or tap the tail pulley shaft, and the Model BSD can be placed anywhere along the length of the conveyor, so installation is easy.

"The unit is placed between the top side (carry side) of the conveyor belt, and the bottom side (return side) of the conveyor belt, so it is protected from damage and weather,” he adds.

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