Double-Ended Stud Bolt

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Provides Tight Seal Directly to OutSide Wall Sheet Behind Stiffener

Reprinted from Grain Journal January/February 2018 Issue

Sukup Mfg. Co. has introduced a double-ended stud bolt for use on laminated bin sheets to provide a tight seal directly to the outside wall sheet behind the stiffener, eliminating water infiltration between the sheets and into the grain.

According to Commercial Accounts Manager Brent Hansen, “The double-ended stud bolt improves steel grain bins by solving the potential problem of water intrusion behind the stiffeners and into the bin causing grain spoilage.”

Double-Ended Stud Bolt Features

  • Securely seals vertical seams from outside of the bin.
  • Currently available in 7/16-inch and 1/2-inch diameters.
  • Eliminates moisture infiltration between stiffeners and sidewall sheets.

Maintaining Connection Integrity

“This fastener has two threaded ends, a rubber-backed sealing washer and a hex feature in the center of the threaded ends and is another example of Sukup making innovative improvements to address customers’ needs,” adds Hansen.

“The unique, patent-pending design allows you to seal between the bin and the stiffener while maintaining the strength and integrity of the connection.”

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