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FloMetrix Real-Time In-Line Flow Meter Improves Efficiency

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Customizable Flometer reduces time, labor costs to correct loading mistakes

FloMetrix was founded in 2011 by the inventors of Flometer technology, which is designed to be a real-time data tool to weigh materials while they are flowing to fill trucks, railcars, barges, ships or shipping containers.

Flometer “is like a scale in a pipe, and it’s able to weigh dry bulk commodities from 600 bph to 20,000 bph,” says Director of Marketing Dave Westphal.

“Materials such as flour, wheat, corn, and other grains are weighed on the fly with greater than 99% accuracy,” says Westphal.

Ensures Proper Loading

“Flometer is made of stainless steel for longevity and durability, and there is no similar scale available,” adds Westphal. Flometer can put the exact amount of weight desired in a semi trailer in four minutes, eliminating overloading or underloading, reducing labor, and time associated with reloading.

Product Features

  • Improves plant operating efficiency, inventory control, quality, and real-time understanding of material lots.
  • Cost-effective system is easy to use and reduces time and labor costs to correct loading mistakes.
  • Aids process documentation and training.
  • Each Flometer is customized for the specific facility and usage to meet customer requirements.

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