Flush-Floor Aeration System

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Uses Elevated I-Beam to Provide Support to Perforated Metal Floor

Reprinted from Grain Journal January/February 2018 Issue

Atlas Metal Works offers it flush-floor aeration system in two designs:

• Perforated corrugated metal floor.

• Perforated corrugated metal floor with grating.

Both designs are engineered with an elevated “I” beam to provide support to the perforated metal floor.

“A flush-floor aeration system reduces labor costs and simplifies grain removal and bin sanitation,” says President James Storey.

“The benefits of a flush system remain long after the initial cost is forgotten.”

Tunnel/Flush Floor Components

The Atlas flush-floor aeration system uses heavy grating welded to the perforated corrugating metal for applications when heavy equipment will be driven over the floor.

The elevated “I” beams are supported every 18 inches to provide maximum strength. The grating can be eliminated in applications without heavy equipment.

“Our elevated “I” beam support system is substantially more heavy-duty than most other systems,” Storey says.

“About 20% of our flush systems are designed with grates.”

Custom Fabrication Services

Atlas also provides virtually any type of sheet metal and plate fabrication product:

• Ducts: round, half-round, spiral, corrugated, smooth.

• Transitions: rectangular to round, straight or offset, round to half round.

• Reinforced half round duct for extreme grain depths.

• Gooseneck roof vents.

• Powered roof exhausters.

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