Product Review
Product Review - Gate Position Indicator - 4B Components Ltd.

4B Components Ltd. • Morton, IL • 309-698-5611 •

4B Components has introduced the Encoder-Flex 1024, designed to monitor the position of rack and pinion gates, as well as shaft speed and angular position of distributors.

According to Brian Knapp, vice president, electronics division, “The Encoder-Flex 1024 is a robust yet compact unit that takes up very little space. Unlike string potentiometer gate monitors that are mechanical devices prone to failure and require maintenance, the Encoder-Flex 1024 is easy to install and calibrate. It features outputs of 4-20 mA, Quadrature Pulse (speed/relative rotation), and RS485 Modbus RTU to meet customer needs.”

Elegant Calibration

“This product is simple to install and operate and features elegant calibration,” explains Knapp. “Compared to competitive products, it’s less bulky and more robust with fewer limitations. The resolution can even be set in the field from 1 to 1024 pulses per revolution to suit virtually any application.”


• Multi-turn with up to 500,000 rotations. One model fits all.

• Connects directly to control systems – PLC, SCADA, Watchdog, IE-Node, etc.

• Memorizes shaft position in case of power loss.

• Simple magnetic calibration.

• Comprehensive software for advanced programming and visualization.

• Stainless steel enclosure.

From the Jan/Feb 2023 edition of Grain Journal