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GCS Grain Cleaning, LLC Rotary Drum Grain Cleaner Combines Air, Screen Principles

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System includes set of screens to clean eight different crops with each machine

GCS Grain Cleaning was founded in 2012 to provide grain cleaning systems to the grain and feed industry. In March 2020, the company introduced a rotary drum grain cleaner that is designed to combine the principles of air and screen cleaning.

“This powerful rotary drum grain cleaner uses air to remove fines and dust, and a four-section drum provides screen cleaning,” says Co-founder Yuriy Lehan. “The machine can process large volumes of grain from 800 to 6,000 bph. Assembled in the United States, this unique grain cleaner is among the few that combine air and screen cleaning to provide high-quality results.

Easy Screen Changes

“We include a set of screens to clean eight different crops with each machine, says Lehan. “Screens are fast and easy to change, and this dual cleaning technology has been proven in Europe for 20 years.”

Product Features

  • High-capacity, high-volume machine can clean high-moisture crops such as corn.
  • Machine produces no vibration, protecting grain and the bin structure.
  • Very minimal supervision required to operate with proper screen installed.
  • Self-cleaning options available to continuously keep drum clean.
  • Centrally located in the Grain Belt.

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