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Grain Dryer Filter System Reduces Maintenance and Emissions

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EcoGuard helps improve dust emissions

Chief Agri’s new line of commercial mixed-flow grain dryers feature the self-cleaning EcoGuard system for reducing maintenance and emissions.

The EcoGuard’s filter system features automatic self cleaning while drying, so the dryer doesn’t need to be shut down to clean the filter screen.

“This patent-pending system captures particulates .075 inches and larger,” says Sales Engineer Brandon Schade. “The EcoGuard system doesn’t plug up like other filter systems, because it automatically cleans itself. This is especially critical during the busy harvest season, when it might take hours or even a day or more to clean the filter screen.”

Beeswings and More

“The EcoGuard system helps grain facilities improve their dust control as the EPA focuses on reducing dust emissions,” adds Schade. “One of our customers, who has been in the grain business his whole life, was ‘totally amazed’ by how many beeswings there are in corn and how they could watch the EcoGuard remove them.”

From September/October 2016 GRAIN JOURNAL


  • Self-cleaning EcoGuard system minimizes maintenance.
  • Eliminates the need to shut down dryer operations to clean the filters.
  • Reduces dust emissions and improves local air quality.
  • System allows operators to actually watch particulates being removed.

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