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Grain Pile Pickup Service Reduces Customer Equipment Cost

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LeMar Industries grain reclaim service can load a semi-trailer in three to four minutes

LeMar Industries introduced its grain reclaim service to pick up grain piles in the late 1990s.

According to Sales/Customer Service Representative Tim Shreckengost, the service offers skilled operators and specialized equipment that reduce customers’ equipment costs and at speeds of 20,000 to 30,000 bph.

“As one of the fastest loaders in the industry, our grain reclaim service frees up customers’ time, reduces equipment costs, and improves production,” he explains. “Our machines can load a semi-trailer in three to four minutes, allowing truck lines to move swiftly and keep customers happy.”

Skilled Operators

“Our skilled operators are dedicated to making sure grain is moved quickly and safely – and are willing to work extended hours,” Shreckengost adds. “This robust machine loads safely and efficiently, reducing the possibility of external damage to trailers. Improper loading methods can result in additional time and labor for cleanup.”

From the January/February 2019 GRAIN JOURNAL

Safely loads a standard semi-trailer in three to four minutes.

  • Customer supplies sufficient number of trucks to operate continuously for 10-12 hours daily.
  • Customer supplies diesel fuel for machine (100 gallons every 12 hours).
  • Customer is responsible for one-way shipping cost.

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