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Product Review - OPI - Grain Quality Sensor

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Since 1984, OPI Systems has protected grain from spoilage for farm and commercial customers. In June, the company began shipping its Grain Quality Sensor which monitors carbon dioxide (CO2) to provide early detection of biological activity due to mold and insects.

According to Chief Technology Officer Adam Weiss, “CO2 monitoring is integrated with our plenum sensor and introduced as a new sensor for the headspace. It all integrates seamlessly into the OPI Blue platform that thousands of customers already use.”

Protects Quality and Profit

“There is still too much post-harvest loss,” says Weiss, “not just complete loss of a bin, but loss in quality and profit for producers. The Grain Quality Sensor indicates elevated levels of CO2 and alerts users of the need to aerate their grain.

“Threshold alarms can be customized to suit users’ needs,” he adds.


• Easy to install and cost-effective system provides early detection of grain spoilage.

• Integrated with OPI Blue’s complete grain management ecosystem.

• Sensor accuracy of 50 ppm up to 2,000 ppm.

• Available as a standalone CO2 monitoring system or with temperature/moisture cables to identify spoilage location.

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