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Grain Spreader Maintains Grain quality, Prevents Uneven Bin Filling

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Spreader reduces need for bin entry, improves safety

In February 2018, Extron introduced its directional flow grain spreader, which is designed to distribute grain fines evenly while maintaining grain quality and preventing bins from filling unevenly.

According to Vice President Dustin Paloranta, “The unique, patent-pending leveling band allows you to adjust the grain flow from outside the bin while the bin is being filled.

“This increases safety by reducing the need for bin entry and improves efficiency by eliminating flow stoppage to make adjustments,” says Paloranta. “By ensuring even grain flows and spreading fines out and burying the pods, airflow also is improved, enabling proper cooling and aeration and saving energy costs by cutting cooling time in half.”

Eliminates Need for Coring

“Because the Extron directional flow grain spreader buries pods evenly across the bin and spreads out fines, it eliminates the need for coring, saving time and money,” he explains. “It’s available in two sizes, up to 24,000 bph and 45,000 bph.”

From September/October 2018 GRAIN JOURNAL

Grain Spreader Features

  • Patent-pending leveling band allows safe and easy adjustment for improved leveling.
  • Eliminates center coring by burying pods.
  • Cuts cooling time in half.
  • Available in capacities to 24,000 and 45,000 bph.


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