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BTX Smart Monitor Allows Facilities to Stay Steps Ahead of Equipment Hazards

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Monitor uses proven technology for a durable, reliable system

Since 1994, employee-owned Boone Cable Works & Electronics has provided grain temperature monitoring and hazard detection equipment. In early 2019, the company introduced its BTX Smart Monitor.

“The BTX Smart Monitor performs standard functions similar to those on our previous offerings, but the new BTX Smart Monitor also incorporates enhanced features designed to respond to current and future market demands,” says Special Projects Coordinator Rick Howell. “The hardware and methodology were developed from scratch using elegant adaptations of proven technologies, including superior capabilities and features not found in previous systems.”

Simple, Highly Reliable

According to Howell, “A very simple yet highly reliable platform based on digital composite technology allows the system to be durable and economical for end users while empowering grain and feed facilities to stay steps ahead of equipment hazards.”

Reprinted from GRAIN JOURNAL November/December 2019 Issue

Product Features

  • Versatile system solves problems through modular design and the ability to combine both wired and wireless technology.
  • Digital bus design can easily allow for additions with minimal modifications to the existing installation.
  • Simple design enables effective isolation and fast system diagnostics.
  • Proven technology creates a very durable and reliable system.
  • Remote access offered for troubleshooting purposes to reduce downtime.

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