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Hazard Monitoring Controller Monitors Up To 24 Sensors at Once

MaxiScan 24 features full-color touch screen interface

Maxi-Tronic in December introduced the MaxiScan™ 24 hazard monitoring controller for bearing temperature, belt misalignment, surface-mount temperature, flow conditions, and other equipment sensors.

In the event of an identified hazard condition, the monitor provides text message and email alerts and equipment interlock.

“MaxiScan 24 can monitor up to 24 individually configured sensors to enable anytime, anywhere equipment monitoring,” says Product Manager Doug McCan.

“It also stores and displays historical data which can be viewed on any web-enabled device. No external PC, subscription, or cloud service is required.”

“All 24 sensors are displayed on the 7-inch screen at the same time, and real-time graphing is provided on the same screen on demand.”

MaxiScan is also available in the MaxiScan 12 controller which supports 12 sensors, and the MaxiScan 12M which supports 12 sensors plus one motion/speed sensor.

Intuitive Touchscreen Interface

“The full-color touchscreen provides an intuitive user interface, with real-time graphing and trending to keep you up-to-date on current conditions,” adds McCan.

“You can easily access historical data graphing, and also view data, status of the output relays, and activity log on any web-enabled device.”

From January/February 2018 GRAIN JOURNAL

Product Features

  • Real-time display for 24 sensors and MaxiTrack™ PC software compatible.
  • Fully compatible with MaxiTrack radios.
  • Password enabled for access and security.
  • Accepts most industry standard sensors, including thermocouple, BeltTracker™, PTC thermistor, temperatures switch and DigiMax™ “1-Wire” digital.

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