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Tandem Products Rhino Tile Designed for Use in High Impact Areas

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Strong rare-earth magnets secure tightly and withstand shaking and vibration

Tandem Products Rhino Tile® is a custom blend of Rhino Hyde® polyurethane and ceramic designed for use in high impact areas.

Rhino Hyde® was originally designed to be bolted in to chutes and spouts, but in 2018 the company added strong rare-earth magnets as another attachment option to secure tightly and withstand shaking and vibration.

Tough, Unique Material

“Rhino Tile® material is a unique blend of urethane and multiple ceramic compounds,” says Mike Claussen, territory sales manager.

“Whether it’s bolted in or magnetic, major surface preparation is not required, making Rhino Tile® fast and easy to install,” he adds.

“During harvest, you can’t afford to stop loading or unloading to replace broken or missing tile, but you can use magnetic Rhino Tile® as a quick replacement.”

Rhino Tile® is intended for high-volume and/or severe impact locations. According to Claussen, “A West Coast export elevator has used bolt-in Rhino Tile® showing little or no wear after five years.”

From September/October 2019 GRAIN JOURNAL

Product Features

  • Will not chip, crack, or pop out.
  • Installs with minimal surface preparation and no messy glues or adhesives.
  • Can be used as a full liner in place of ceramic tile.
  • Magnetic Rhino Tile is available in 4-inch-x-6-inch or 12-inch-x-12-inch sizes.
  • Bolt-in Rhino Tile is 12-inch-x-12-inch or custom sized.

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