Hopper Aeration System

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Safe-Grain hopper aeration system.

Reprinted from Grain Journal July/August 2019 Issue

Since 1954, Safe-Grain Inc. has designed and built hopper aeration systems.

According to Owner and President Scott Chant, each hopper aeration system takes into account the anticipated type, moisture content, and starting temperature of the grain, planned storage period, and the time necessary to cool the grain to safe storage levels under ambient conditions.

Product Features

  • Each system is designed to accommodate the anticipated type and depth of grain, the required volume of air, and the optimum efficient size of fans and air ducts.
  • System design also considers the quantity, placement and size of perforated delivery air ducts.
  • Each system is specifically designed for the application and to achieve optimum cost efficiency.
  • Systems can be designed for single or multiple centrifugal or axial aeration fans.

Standard Components, Custom System

“Inadequate aeration for the intended storage application in hoppers or cone bottom bins increases the risk of grain spoilage,” explains Chant. “We size these systems to correctly accommodate the velocity of air and the size of fan to create a custom system using standard components.

“We also provide job-specific drawings and detailed step-by-step installation instructions so installation can easily be accomplished using basic tools,” he adds.

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