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Product Review - Intrinsically Safe PAPR - M&M Specialty Services, LLC

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M&M Specialty Services, LLC • Leavenworth, KS • 913-705-0690 •

M&M Specialty Services, LLC in 2021 introduced to the grain industry an intrinsically safe, powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR).

According to Service and Sales Associate Mike Morgan, this is one of the few intrinsically safe, powered air-purifying respirators on the market and doesn’t need a tight-fitting face piece or require a fit test to protect wearers.

“Designed for heavy industry, this product features an integrated hard hat and positive air pressure under the helmet to blow filtered air over the user’s face at all times,” says Morgan. “It’s also non-fogging and very comfortable to wear.”

Reduces Fatigue

“Designed for use in dusty environments,” he adds, “the intrinsically safe, powered air-purifying respirator reduces fatigue by not requiring the user to pull air through a filter. It also keeps sweat off the face.

“There’s a night-and-day difference between using this product and using a tight-fitting face piece,” notes Morgan.


• Positive pressure design allows it

to be worn by workers with facial hair.

• Blows fresh air across the user’s face,

allowing them to breathe comfortably.

• Blower compensates as filter begins

to clog and alarms when filter replacement

is needed.

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