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Rolfes@Boone • Boone, IA • 800-265-2010 •

Founded in 1994, Rolfes@Boone is a supplier of temperature monitoring and hazard detection equipment, with all design, engineering, manufacturing, and sales functions performed in-house. Early in 2023, the company will introduce the ITX inventory management software system.

According to senior project engineer Abe Glas, “The ITX inventory management software system provides current, accurate inventory information from one or multiple locations to users anywhere they have an internet connection.

“It also improves safety by eliminating the risks associated with climbing bins to measure inventory,” says Glas.

Multiple Bins in Multiple Locations

“This system can measure inventory in multiple bins in multiple locations,” he adds, “so users can have confidence they have accurate, current inventory information. The system also provides year-over-year inventory information, so users can make better, more informed decisions based on real-time and historic inventory information.”


• Provides fast and accurate inventory information that can be read from anywhere with internet access.

• Alerts and alarms provide warnings about maximum and minimum bin levels.

• Completely scalable, from multiple bins to multiple locations.

• Easily share reports for current and historical levels.

• Uses state-of-the-art, high-frequency radars for the most accurate inventory management available.

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