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iOS Web Clip Provides Continuous Temperature and Hazard Monitoring

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System identifies and alerts users to various risks

In February, Safe-Grain and Maxi-Tronic introduced an iOS web clip for their grain temperature and hazard monitoring product lineup – SafeTrack, MaxiTrack, RadarTrack, and Maxi-Scan 24 systems.

According to President/Owner Scott Chant, the web clips will allow free access to data from the user’s facilities and does not require a subscription.

Near Real-time Viewing

“A simple web clip on the user’s iPhone/iPad/Mac will provide continuous near real-time viewing, allowing users who have configured their Safe-Grain or Maxi-Tronic software applications and controllers to remotely monitor their system,” says Chant.

“The system enables users to monitor the status of their grain or equipment and identify risks from a hot bearing, grain temperature, a belt tracking off center, and more,” he explains. “Users can select who should receive text and/or email alerts so appropriate action can be taken. The system can monitor four different software packages and

From May/June 2019 GRAIN JOURNAL


  • Data can be accessed directly on the PC where the software is running, eliminating the need for recurring subscription fees.
  • The free, easy-to-use web clip takes you directly to a website to view data.
  • Enables anytime, anywhere access to grain or equipment status, and provides alerts to enhance

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