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Grain Cover Recycling Program Keeps Grain Covers Out of Landfills

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GCR program is available nationwide

In early 2017, JMI Covers introduced the Grain Cover Recycling Program (GCR™ program) to help keep grain covers out of landfills.

According to JMI Regional Sales Manager Tom Scott, the program gives grain covers a second life and extends the life of landfills that are filling up rapidly due to the tons of grain covers disposed annually.

“Grain covers typically go into landfills after 3 to 12 months of use,” explains Scott. “These materials don’t readily break down in landfills, and they play havoc with landfill equipment. For years, our customers have asked about ways to keep them out of the landfill, and they are very excited about this program.”

Nationwide Service

“The GCR program is offered nationwide,” he says. “When customers contact us, we send a truck that compacts, bales, and transports the covers to our recycling partners across the country,” adds Scott.


According to Scott, once a customer’s discarded covers are prepared for recycling by removing, where applicable, the internal strapping and/or yoke, JMI sends its equipment to your site to begin the baling process.

“Once the material is baled,” says Scott, “we will weigh each bale, label, and stack them in your staging area. We will then arrange for pickup and shipping of the bales.”

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