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Loading Spout Captures Fugitive Dust, Reduces Material Waste

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Vortex spout ensures plant and environmental safety

The Vortex loading spout is designed to capture fugitive dust, prevent material waste, and ensure plant and environmental safety while accelerating the loading process.

According to Vice President Jon Jasinski, the loading spout is suitable for use in open or enclosed loading applications, such as truck and railcar, barge and stockpiling, and it also can be engineered for ship-loading applications.

From July/August 2018 GRAIN JOURNAL

Loading Spout Features

  • Cone-in-cone design.
  • Outer sleeve to contain fugitive dust.
  • Options for food-friendly, abrasive, static dissipative, and high-temperature material handling applications.
  • Made to order to meet application-specific spout lengths and load rate requirements.
  • Four-cable hoist drive system offers maximum stability and improved lifting torque over traditional two- and three-cable hoist drive systems. If a lifting cable breaks, a four-cable system allows continued operation in the short term until maintenance can be performed.
  • Pulleys with chamfered edges and precision cable grooves to reduce cable wear and backlash. Ten-year warranty for cable wear, tear, and workmanship.
  • Filtration systems to manage displaced air and fugitive dust. Throughout the loading process, collected dust is purged back through the spout and into the vessel below to minimize product waste.
  • Positioning systems allow the spout to be traversed so that trucks and railcars can make approximated pulls into the loading station.
  • Material level-sensing devices and auto-raise system to avoid overfilling and automate the spout retraction process.

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