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Eriez Magnetic Separators Used in a Variety of Applications

Eriez • 814-835-6000

Rare earth tube magnets protect downstream grain equipment

Since 1942, Eriez magnetic separators have been used in a variety of applications by a wide array of industries to remove tramp metals and protect downstream equipment. In 2015, the company introduced RE7HP Xtreme Rare Earth magnetic separators to optimize product quality.

According to Eric Confer, market manager-light industries, “Our basic rare earth tube magnet, the RE5HP, provides grain customers the benefits of added durability and high magnetic separation efficiency. For customers who require more refined grains, our RE7HP tube magnet provides 25% more magnetic strength.”

Food Grade Coatings

“Several of our grain customers use a combination of RE5HP and RE7HP to optimize product quality and protect their downstream equipment from damage,” says Confer. “We also use a variety of food-grade coatings to increase durability, depending on the grain type. Research indicates that these coatings can extend the tube magnet’s life by up to 200%.”

— September/October 2020 GRAIN JOURNAL

Product Features

  • RE5HP and RE7HP are available in 1-inch diameter by any length tubes.
  • Available in various frameworks or housing for direct fit in dry and liquid processes.
  • RE7HP is available in tube, grate, and trap magnets.
  • Eriez’s most popular sizes are in stock and ready to ship.

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