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MAG-NEAT-O Magnetically Coupled Motion Control

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Established in 1965, Conveyor Components manufactures a wide range of motion, conveyor, and level controls; aeration equipment; safety gates; and belt conveyor cleaners.

In February, the company introduced the MAG-NEAT-O™ magnetically coupled motion control, which features strong rare earth magnets that provide 100 pounds of force and enable easy and rapid field installation.

According to Business Development Manager John Carlson, “The MAG-NEAT-O compliments our vast offering of motion control products and is ideal for customers who don’t want to install a whole new motion control system.”

Avoid Backups, Shutdowns, and Equipment Damage

“This system will monitor a conveyor system’s speed and alert the customer if it’s zero speed, over speed, or under speed,” says Carlson, “providing peace of mind that the conveyor system is functioning exactly as it should to avoid backups, shutdowns, and equipment damage.

“The two-wire inductive sensor is compatible with an RMS controller,” he adds, “and a three-wire inductive sensor is compatible with an MSD 800 controller.”


• Magnetic coupling provides 100 pounds of pull force.

• Monitors maximum speed of up to 2,000 rpm.

• Enclosure is made of durable polymer plastic and stainless steel components for maximum corrosion resistance.

• Fast and easy installation and wiring to monitoring systems.

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