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PMI Iowa modular prefab manlift tower.

Reprinted from Grain Journal November/December 2019 Issue

Since 1975, PMI Iowa has offered new manlift installations; manlift inspection, service and repair; and modular prefab manlift towers.

PMI’s modular prefab manlift towers are unique, according to Executive Vice President Ryan Savage. The special purpose personnel elevators are 80-90% pre-assembled and pre-wired at their shop in Ames, IA.

“We’ve standardized a method of cutting floor openings and stacking the pre-assembled modular tower through the roof of existing structures,” says Savage, “and this has become a simple and routine method of installation for us, especially for belt manlift replacements.”

Safe, Reliable, Repeatable

“This method is a safe, reliable, and repeatable way to install manlifts,” he adds. “It allows us to do a large part of the installation in our fabrication shop in an environment where we can better control quality and our processes. This is convenient for our clients as it dramatically reduces our time on-site.”

Product Features

  • Turnkey service from concept, design, education, to finished product.
  • Equipment is pre-installed in 40-foot-tall modular, pre-assembled tower sections.
  • Available from 500- to 1,000-pound capacities.
  • Size and shape of manlift towers are customized for placement inside or outside of existing structures.

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