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Mixed-Flow Grain Dryers Range From 600 to 8,400 BPH

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Mathews Company Delta Series features 5-point moisture removal

Mathews Company (M-C), which has been manufacturing grain dryers since 1954, in August introduced its newest mixed-flow grain dryer, the Delta Series.

According to President Joseph Shulfer, “The Delta Series mixed-flow grain dryer line will consist of eight models with drying capacities ranging from 600 to 8,400 bph with 5-point moisture removal.

“The true essence of any mixed-flow dryer is the high quality grain it produces by applying the warm drying air to all sides of the grain.”

Highest Quality Grain

“In addition, using our exclusive SmartFlow™ technology, the tapered duct design evenly distributes the drying air across the grain column,” he says. “This results in the highest quality grain and fully optimized holding and drying capacity.”

From November/December 2018 GRAIN JOURNAL

Mixed-Flow Grain Dryer Features

  • Stainless steel and cast aluminum burners integrated with commercial grade in-line centrifugal fans produce a highly efficient and effective heater system.
  • Noticeably quiet fan technology makes it safer and easier to operate the dryer.
  • The external heat chamber provides uniform temperature distribution throughout the drying air.
  • Hot air is distributed safely and evenly to the grain.

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