Natural Gas Distributor

Reprinted from Grain Journal July/August 2019 Issue

Established in 1995, Utility Pipeline is a natural gas distributor for customers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Virginia, and West Virginia that is looking to expand into Illinois, Kentucky, and other surrounding states.

According to Executive Vice President for Business Development Vanessa Hamilton, natural gas is the most cost-effective and cleanest-burning energy source for grain dryers, elevators, farmers, and rural communities.

“Compared to fuel oil and propane, using natural gas can reduce energy costs by 40 to 70%,” she relates. “Our co-op structure is not bound by tariffs, and we’re committed to excellent customer service.”

Product Features

  • Natural gas is cost effective, consistent, and features a highly reliable supply.
  • Natural gas can be used to run grain dryers, heaters, water heaters, and compressed natural gas vehicles.
  • Serves 50,000 agribusinesses, federal facilities, schools, and hospitals, plus tens of thousands of residential customers.
  • Using natural gas dramatically reduces the cost of doing business for grain elevators, industrial users, and rural communities.

Safe, Efficient Fuel Source

“Natural gas is the safest fuel source available, and 98% of the energy delivered is used,” she says. “Also, the conversion cost payback ranges from one to three years.”