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Conveyor Components Company was established in 1965 as a manufacturer of conveyor controls, motion controls, level controls, bin aerators, safety gates, and conveyor belt cleaners for the grain and feed industry.

The company in the 1970s introduced the Model CR Roto-Level Control, a rotating paddle-style level control designed to indicate the presence or absence of dry bulk material in a bin or hopper.

According to Business Development Manager John Carlson, “The Model CR can be configured to fit any application, and users can easily create a unique unit to meet their specific needs.”

Peace of Mind

“The Model CR is designed to eliminate problems,” says Carlson, “such as material overflow, empty bins, abnormally high or low levels, plugged chutes, jammed conveyors, and/or damaged equipment. It offers peace of mind and insurance as the unit continuously monitors users’ systems.”


• Can be top- or side-mounted on a bin or hopper.

• Field-adjustable sensitivity is time-delayed to prevents false signals.

• Units can be designed with NEMA certification.

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