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PileManager Replaces Labor-Intensive Fan Management


Software allows users to monitor the system through a tablet or smartphone

This article was taken from the July/August 2020 GRAIN JOURNAL

Founded in 1996, Ag Growth International (AGI) operates across five platforms: grain, feed, seed, fertilizer, and food. In 2016, AGI introduced PileManager, a fully automated system that is designed to remotely monitor wind speed to control aeration fans for temporary grain piles.

According Director of Sales Pro Team Jeff Fjelstul, “PileManager is a fully automated, low-cost, and expandable system that replaces labor-intensive fan management. It also increases profits by reducing energy use, labor costs, and shrink by adjusting fans according to wind speed.”

Fast Payback

“By reducing electricity use,” explains Fjelstul, “PileManager provides a fast payback – as little as 30 to 60 days or certainly within a year, depending on the number of fans under control.

“The weather station monitors wind speeds to control fans according to preset parameters,” he adds, “and users can monitor the system using their smartphone or tablet.”

Product Features

  • Reduces energy use and labor costs by efficiently running and staggering fan start-up.
  • Provides real-time wind speed and temperature information for precise management.
  • Customers can set the wind speed threshold for fan operation.
  • Software is compatible with all AGI SureTrack software platforms for ease of use.

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