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Pneumatic Conveyor Fills, Empties Grain Storage Safely

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Walinga’s Agri-Vac 7816 DLX levels pockets to prevent grain damage

Walinga in June 2015 introduced the Agri-Vac 7816 DLX to its line of high-capacity pneumatic conveying equipment.

According to Marketing Manager Jonathan Medemblik, “the Agri-Vac 7816 DLX is designed to fill or empty grain storage safely at up to 5,500 bph for corn, 5,000 bph for wheat, and 4,800 bph for soybeans.

“Just couple the Agri-Vac to your tractor and drive into position. Its lightweight vaccuum hoses attach in seconds and flex easily, making tight spots easy to clean.” he explains.

Blow-Thru airlock. “The Agri-Vac’s large Blow-Thru airlock maintains grain quality,” says Medemblik, “and a rotor wiper levels pockets to prevent grain damage, as well.”

The Agri-Vac 7816 DLX features a 10-vane, fabricated steel rotor with adjustable hardox steel tips that are designed to increase the life of the airlock.

Pre-cleaning action. “Cyclonic action in the Agri-Vac’s cone-shaped receiver helps to pre-clean the air and assure optimal air flow,” he says.

“Grain and air are separated in the receiver. Material flows into the rotary airlock and the air moves on to the blower, which then pushes material out of the airlock into the bin or truck.”

From May/June 2016 GRAIN JOURNAL

Product Features

  • Tongue-mounted drive shaft with V-type, five-groove sheaves and belts.
  • 816 super-hardened, positive displacement blower.
  • Self-contained hydraulics and stainless steel delivery lines.
  • Rhino Linings® receiver tank and square-back elbow boom cyclone.

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