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AgriSphere provides consulting and cloud-based services designed to enhance operations and promote growth.

In March 2022, the company introduced the TRU-ZERO grain bin access control system, a series of networked, software-enabled access control systems designed to provide enhanced oversight and access management to grain storage structures to improve safety.

According to AgriSphere President and CEO Frank Byers, “In 2022, people are still dying in grain bins by bypassing established processes that help ensure safety. TRU-ZERO prevents this with its remote locking feature, so managers can control employee access to a bin.”

Prevent Entrapment/Engulfment

“When the TRU-ZERO system is integrated with other grain handling equipment controls (sweep augers, reclaim conveyors, augers, overhead fill conveyors, gates, and spouts),” adds Byers, “it will fully shut down all active, running grain handling systems to prevent entrapment/engulfment scenarios in grain storage structures.”


• Joint design and development efforts between Sioux Steel Co., Electro-Sensors, Inc., and AgriSphere.

• Easy installation and ability to attach to most bin types and sizes.

• Data connection without the need for Wi-Fi.

• Connected to AgriSphere’s agCONTROL software system.

From May/June 2022 Grain Journal Issue

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