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Product Review ... Air-Assisted Conveyor System ... Dependable Conveyor Systems

Dependable Conveyor Systems • Fair Oaks, CA • 916-521-5498 •

Dependable Conveyor Systems in 2021 introduced the Aerobelt® Cushion of Air conveyor system, which is designed with no moving parts and a belt that runs on a film of air.

According to CEO and Owner Steve Hartshorn, “Air is pushed into a chamber below the belt and – using a calculated distance and hole size – the air escapes from the chamber and lifts the belt off the wok-shaped trough. The conveyor is made from galvanized tin, eliminating the need for heavy structure supports.”

Reduced Maintenance and Energy Use

“With zero friction on the belt and no moving parts,” adds Hartshorn, “the Aerobelt reduces energy use and the need for ongoing maintenance. The system doesn’t generate any dust once grain is on the belt, and it is designed to meet food safety regulations.”


• Lower energy requirements result in reduced installed power and lower operating costs.

• Complete and effective sealing provides excellent dust control yet still allows fine powders to be conveyed.

• Totally enclosed system increases employee safety and has the minimumnumber of moving parts.

• Smaller, lighter transmissions and lighter belts lower maintenance and reduce parts and labor costs.

From September/October 2022 Grain Journal Issue