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Product Review ... Haver & Boecker Roto-Packer Food Edition Bagging Machine

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Founded in 1887, Haver & Boecker is a global leader in bagging equipment, liquid fillers, palletizers and material handling. The company introduced the Roto-Packer in 1960 and it has been continuously improved over the past 61 years.

According to Rim Boltong, sales engineer-Food Applications, “The Roto-Packer Food Edition is a master of capacity with the ability to produce over 2,000 valve bags an hour or over 50 tons an hour. This capacity level combined with our food grade execution helps deliver a machine built for food producers.

“The Roto-Packer has been continuously adjusted and upgraded to meet food industry demands,” says Boltong. “Today, the machine includes additional automation for faster and easier product cleanout, product change-over, and complete machine emptying. Safety features also have been added to account for combustible dust throughout the packing machine.”


  • Robust machine originally built to handle intense cement industry conditions and modified to meet food requirements.
  • Can handle 25-pound to 100-pound bags.
  • Scalable Roto-Packer is delivered with four spouts but can be fitted with a body for up to 16 spouts.
  • Performs ultrasonic sealing at each spout.

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