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Walinga USA Inc. • 800-466-1197

Walinga, Inc. • Wayland, MI • 800-466-1197 •

Since 1954, Walinga has designed a range of pneumatic conveying equipment for the grain industry. Recently, the company added the Smart-Flo™ variable frequency drive (VFD) system to its Ultra-Veyor pneumatic conveyor system.

According to Technical Sales Representative Doug Termeer, “The Smart-Flo sensor monitors how quickly grain goes through the system, so the blower speeds up or slows down automatically, depending on how far the grain is being blown.”

Reduces Energy Costs/Bulk Damage

“The Smart-Flo variable frequency drive system optimizes performance,” says Termeer, “while reducing energy costs and bulk damage. We manufacture our own blowers and airlocks, so we’re a complete conveyor system provider. We offer multiple blower sizes, so customers can run at lower speeds to keep noise low.”


• Each unit is customized per customer specification, so components are sized for the distances involved in moving grain.

• Available with larger size blowers that can operate at lower speeds to reduce noise.

• Smart-Flo VFD systems adjust flow speed automatically, based on the volume of grain.

• Completely self-contained system that can be run independent of an input system such as a grain dryer.

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