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Product Review ... Calbrandt, LLC ...Vision-Guided Railcar Opener

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Calbrandt Inc. has been manufacturing railcar movers and railcar openers since 1980. At GEAPS Exchange 2010 in Wichita KS, the company introduced its first fully automated, vision-guided railcar opener, designed to function without an operator present.

According to Product Engineer Eric Kramin, the grain hopper car gate opener has proven to eliminate operator fatigue and increase productivity while providing reliable, repeatable service.

Product Features

“The vision-guided railcar gate opener is effectively a robotic system,” says Kramin.

“It utilizes a hydraulic motion controller and a 3D vision system to identify a capstan on a railcar and gauge its height, depth (distance from the machine), and degree of rotation,” he explains.

“The unit then extends its tool outward and opens or closes the gate. The machine also will sync with moving railcars to provide on-the-fly processing.”


• Pump size and horsepower customized according to application.

• Opener generates up to 1,800 foot-pounds of torque.

• Capable of stationary or on-the-fly car processing.

• Track mounted in a variety of customizable configurations to fit your facility.

From May/June 2022 GRAIN JOURNAL

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