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Product Review ... Norvell Company, Inc. ... Model 434 Metal Sifter

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Norvell Company in August 2021 introduced the Model 434 metal sifter to its line of milling equipment, which includes commercial sifters, sieves, agitators, and cleaners.

According to Production Engineer Travis Stewart, “The Model 434 sifter has been designed with no wood or fiberglass. Its all-metal design makes it top-of-the-line in sanitation.

“Tightening the clamps on the sifter door activates the new sieve lock design and clamps the sieves tightly into place,” says Stewart.

“Removing the sifter door triggers the Easy Stack function,” he explains, “which pushes out the sieve stack slightly while loosening the sieve lock, allowing the operator to easily remove the sieves from the sifter.”

Enhanced Sanitation and Safety

“Current trends in food safety and sanitation in the flour milling industry require removal of all possible foreign contaminates from within mills,” adds Stewart, “and eliminating the need for operators to yank sieves from the sifter while standing on a ladder enhances safety.”


• All-metal construction eliminates possible sources of foreign contaminates.

• Easy sack with sieve lock clamps the sieves in place tightly.

• Pneumatic sieve compression system eliminates the need for auxiliary air reserves.

• Stainless steel outlet bottom panel provides longer life.

• Insulated stainless steel interior panels.

• T-slot weight plates allow for easy adjustment to circle size.

• 20-gauge stainless steel outlet hoppers.

• Drive attached directly to metal sifter box.

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