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The Greenbrier Companies 5,433 cubic-foot capacity covered hopper railcar, introduced in 2018, has a curved-sided design with three compartments and gravity outlet gates specifically designed for grain and wheat service.

“This innovative, patent-pending design offers grain shippers the highest load limit and cubic capacity,” says Tom Jackson, vice president of marketing.

“With enhanced loading and unloading efficiencies and just 56-foot length over couplers, Greenbrier’s covered hopper is the best choice on the market,” he adds. “The roofline matches the angle of repose for most agriculture commodities to maximize usable capacity.”

Improved Efficiency

“Many aging, mid-size covered hoppers in North America need to be replaced, and recent record harvests have increased the need for more efficient covered hoppers,” explains Jackson. “The 5,433 cubic-foot covered hopper improves efficiency and provides shippers the ability to earn more revenue per car.”


• 56-foot length allows railroads to increase the number of hopper cars per fixed amount of track.

• Sturdy design to minimize vibrations in transit, which extends useful life of the railcar.

• Ground clearance won’t cause issues on tight radius tracks.

From September/October 2021 Grain Journal Issue

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