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Product Review ... Diaphragm Switch ... BinMaster

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For nearly 60 years, BinMaster has designed and manufactured control systems, sensing devices, and bin level indicators.

In July 2022, the company introduced the BM-25 diaphragm switch, which is designed to address safety and storage needs of the grain industry.

According to Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Scott Hudson, “The BM-25 is a new approach to the traditional diaphragm switch. The enclosure is made of nylon, a strong, durable plastic that’s very rugged, great for temperature extremes, and extremely economical. Its simple pressure-sensing operation makes it very responsive and reliable.”

Maximize Storage Capacity

“All of our products are designed to help keep people off and out of bins,” says Hudson. “The BM-25 makes it easy to maximize grain bin storage capacity, because you’ll know when the bin is full. When installed low in the bin, the level switch can let you know if there is useful grain left in the bin at cleanout.”


• Provides simple and reliable pressure-sensing operation.

• Economical point level detection is designed for any size operation.

• Rugged, corrosion-resistant construction allows the level switch to handle temperature extremes.

• The BM-25-F model is for external mounting, and the BM-25-R is for internal mounting.

From September/October 2022 Grain Journal Issue