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Brock Grain Systems • Milford, IN • 866-658-4191 •

Brock Grain Systems in 2019 introduced its enclosed roller-belt conveyor, which is designed to offer added-value quality features and rugged design for gentle, efficient, and dependable conveyor operation.

According to Director of Sales John Tuttle, the addition of a Brock intermediate discharge shuttle allows one enclosed roller-belt conveyor system to have multiple discharge points to easily service many bins.

No-Touch Discharge

“The intermediate discharge shuttle diverts grain to multiple bins or silos without moving parts touching the belt,” explains Tuttle. “Also, the electric-powered dual rack and pinion drive is simple to maintain and operate. This unique feature can be seen in action at”


• Able to start under full load.

• Efficient, self-cleaning tail section reloads grain spilled from the belt.

• Heavy-duty idler pulleys reduce vibration and wear.

• Self-aligning, heavy-duty bearings mount on the outside of a conveyor’s housing for easy maintenance, longevity, and safety.

• Pre-assembled 20-foot sections for efficient, trouble-free installation.

• Intermediate discharge shuttle can be retrofit with existing Brock enclosed roller-belt conveyors.

From September/October 2021 Grain Journal Issue

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